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"All My Colors Are Blind is a satisfying result from someone who has put in more than their fair share of work and support within Lexington’s music scene, and absolutely something to be enjoyed and appreciated."
- Iron Post Blog, 2015

"The tune — the entire album, for that matter — also sports a guitar voice as commanding as his singing."
-, 2015

"All My Colors Are Blind is more than a CD, it’s a culmination of the last three or four years of his life."
-, 2015


Cover art courtesy of Daniel Morgan.


DeBraun first became interested in radio after he learned that Sly Stone was once a DJ at KSOL in Vallejo, CA. He got his start on the University of Kentucky student-run station, WRFL.

Since 2012, DeBraun can been heard on WUKY, the NPR affiliate in Lexington. In addition to a weekly feature on local musicians (and numerous documentaries), he currently hosts the Crunkadelic Funk show on Saturday nights at 9:00pm ET.

All About The Artists That Make Up The DeBraun Thomas Trio

DeBraun Thomas

→ Guitar, Lead Vocals

DeBraun Thomas grew up surrounded by many different musicians in the San Francisco Bay Area. At the age of 15 he began playing in music clubs around the area with his father’s different bands. In 2009 Thomas moved to Lexington, Kentucky to attend the University of Kentucky. He graduated in 2012 and has been focusing on music in addition to working at the local NPR affiliate WUKY. Since 2013, Thomas has been performing his original music as the DeBraun Thomas Trio featuring Lexington veterans Smith Donaldson on bass and Daniel Mohler on drums. His influences range from artists like Jimi Hendrix to Otis Redding and he describes his music as Rock N Soul. Thomas released his first solo album, All My Colors Are Blind in 2015. The album was recorded at Shangri-La Productions in Lexington by Duane Lundy. In addition to playing in different groups in Lexington, he also performs regionally.

Smith Donaldson

→ Bass

Smith Donaldson has played Bass in a lot of bands for the better part of 25 years. Major influences include James Jamerson, Carl Radle, “Duck” Dunn, John Paul Jones, Billy “Bass” Nelson. He hopes to die somewhere warm where they serve cold drinks with umbrellas in them.

Daniel Mohler

→ Drums

A Shelbyville, KY native, Daniel Mohler has been playing drums professionally for 16 years. Stylistically treading the lines between rock, jazz, country, funk, and soul, he has performed extensively throughout the United States and China. He enjoys moonlit walks on the beach with his wife, analytical chemistry and Star Trek the Next Generation. He also hopes to die in a warm tropical place where they serve those drinks with those little umbrellas in them.

"DeBraun Thomas is a young local blues guitarist with a prowess and depth of musicality well beyond his years.", 2014

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All My Colors Are Blind

DeBraun’s debut album is available for download at iTunes, Amazon, and GooglePlay.

CDs are available at the online store and locally at CD Central and The Morris Book Shop in Lexington, Kentucky.

What's on SoundCloud?

DeBraun uses SoundCloud to post live recordings, demo tracks and other different collaborations.

"DeBraun plays with an intense passion that pulls you in and makes you feel like you're a part of the show."
Garrick Davis

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